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AFF Cup 2008 patch for FIFA 09 released

For football fans from South East Asia, I’m now bring you the first AFF Cup or AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 patch created by myself. It is meant for FIFA09 PC only. For those who have no idea what it was, previously the tournament were known as a Tiger Cup.

The patch comprises of 8 ASEAN national team competes on the final group match this month. The team are Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Download from my (mslpatcher) accounts here:
AFF Suzuki Cup for FIFA 09 version 1

All team kits (h/a) were created by myself. Hope you like it.

For those who have download MSL4FIFA09 previous version 1, you are encouraged to download the new version 1.1. The small changes were actually a small fix to players attributes. I have to set a lower attributes to Malaysia national team players, as such, in my opinion, it is better if I lower a few players in TM Liga super as well to balance the changes.

Downloading MSL4FIFA09 version 1.1

How to Play AFF Suzuki Cup patch?
You can access the teams from both Kick Off (Friendly match) and Tournament Mode.
From Kick-off, team you can find a group header AFF Suzuki Cup or also from normal International header.

In Tournament mode, you can access the game via Rest of World header. The AFF Suzuki Cup do not have specific country logically, as such it is necessary to placed in ‘Rest of World’ Country.

Thank you for downloading. Any comment please state here. BTW, do you like the new national kit in the patch?

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