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Singapore’s S-League Patch for FIFA09 PC

Hi, I will release my own version of Singapore football patch for FIFA09 PC here soon, very soon.

It’s been developed since mid-July with a few research online going on. A few game testing, well a few season mind you. But I think it is almost ready for general release.

Who would be interested in S-League patch?

Well, I hope some or maybe a few Singaporean gamer and fifa fans will appreciate the works although not up to their standard (I suppose), and may be some Malaysian who knows well about the neighbouring country.

If you are interested on ASEAN football patch, maybe this patch will be what you want. Install together with MSLPL4FIFA09 and free agents patch, I believe even you can play manager mode up to 2023 season.

Watch for the link to download HERE.

Another Asian football/soccer patch created by MSLPATCHER.

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