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Malaysia Super League Version 2 coming soon

Currently, I’m working on version 2 of MSL4FIFA09. The new season just started last saturday where Selangor beat kedah by 4-1 in the first season match, Piala Sumbangsih (Charity Cup). That would also means Selangor , for Liga Super tournament, gain the first 3 points over Kedah, the defending champions. Anyway, this season started with a few big changes. Among others, DPMM FC team no longer able to compete in Malaysia TM Liga Super due to technical-related decision. At the same time. Kelantan FA have been added to Liga Super by blessing from FAM and it make it a complete 14 team.

Being said that, it would be proper for me to release version 2 which incorporated the changes of teams, as well as a few player attributes changes as well.

For Malaysia fans and FIFA09 gamers, I believe MSL4FIFA09 v2 (PC only) is a necessary release and it is a promise.

So, this is a few things that I have in mind for the 2nd version.
1. Latest lineup with correct tactical/formation
2. Latest team compete (of course) with kelantan in and DPMM FC out.
3. Adding DPMM FC to Rest of World group or release it as a single team patch. I don’t like my work wasted just like that.
4. Re-drawing all 14 teams latest jersey/kit, this time with goal keeper kit as well. I already start with Kelantan new kit (WIP)
5. All team will have it’s own 6 flags in FIFA09 – with helps from other Harimau Malaya forumer, started with Kelantan team, picture by adib_n70
6. Proper minikits following FIFA09 minikit style (but still with short hand – Malaysia don’t wear long shirt. And this will be a first for me.
7. Changes of attributes to a few or more players. For examples, shafizam (Kedah) is a defender with excellent strength during Kedah vs Selangor, with good attacking attributes. while Safee Sali have a strengh long ball shoots. Amri Yahya is considered the playmaker for Selangor just like Hardi yahya. That is an example of a few consideration that i’ve been doing.
8. Adding a commentary and proper chants to all 14 teams (if possible with help from HMC forumer or even you guys).

So here a few teaser image for your pleasure.

kelantan FA in FIFA 09

Kelantan FA Work-in-Progress for MSL4FIFA09 v2

I’m not kelantanese, I’m Sabahan, but I love the new unique Kelantan FA kit (first time in Malaysia).

At the same time. I will create a new Malaysia Premier League, dubbed MPL4FIFA09 version 1, which includes Sabah team (the main reason why I have to create MPL4FIFA09)

12 Jan 2009 addition (latest teaser image):

Perak FA away kit created by mslpatcher for FIFA09

Perak FA away kit (99% done) created by mslpatcher for FIFA09

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