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Malaysia Liga Super – MSL4FIFA09 v2 Progress Reports

Liga Malaysia musim 2009 – Malaysia League season 2009 comprises of Liga Super (tier one league) and Liga Premier (second tier league). In real live 14 teams compete in MSL and another 14 teams competing for silverware in MPL.

For the fans of FIFA09 and those who love to play with Malaysia football scene in your PC you probably already notice or download and play MSL4FIFA09 pre-season 2009 (I later call it version 1).

And I promised to deliver second version or release which incorporates changes happened before the real kick off.

So far, I’m behind schedule since I can’t find a good helper and sources for all 28 teams. I managed to gather some helps from fellow HMC forumer like.

Okay about the progress report. I know  you would love to see the new jersey/kit of Liga Super team for this season. For a start, enjoy kit of Kelantan, Perak, Perlis, and KL Plus FC.

BTW, I really-really hope all of you will enjoy the screen, I’m already excited.

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