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Malaysia Liga Super – MSL4FIFA09v2 Progress Reports 2

Liga Super Malaysia (Malaysia Super League) patch created by mslpatcher will be out soon. But I’m afraid it may not be as complete as I intend to do. On February I have to move to another project. Sadly I also will have to release Liga Perdana Malaysia (Malaysia Premier league) without proper jersey or kit as I don’t have any clue what they looks like. I don’t have pictures, and eventhough I try hard tracking down all websites possible. I can’t find a very good one. Even my state’s team, I don’t have a pictures.

Anyway, this is a few additional visual-teaser for you guys as what to expect (the new and latest) for the rest of the team. I still don’t finished the graphical parts though, and luckily one person, Pejai is helping me with a few flags – PDRM, Terengganu, Pahang and UPB myTeam.

Release Announcement – 050209

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