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MSL patch Progress Report (1)


Just want to inform all reader, I think I already achieve 10% of the patch project. Out of 14 teams, I already did Kedah FA and UPB MyTeam jersey or kit, both home and away kit. I use images from the internet as reference. As for Kedah FA, thank you Jebsion for his excellent photography (eventhough he didn’t know me). Also I have a national team. I use a list from and take it from there. Try to beat Chelsea, but yap, still lost.

Here is a few screenshot as a prove the existence of this project. Click the thumbnail to view. msl4fifa09-report5a1


But I need help, really-really need help. I do have a list of players from last season and the latest squads from wikipedia, but I don’t know who play as what. Wikipedia do have a list like DF for defender, etc, but I know that even DF has a few like LWB, RWB etc. So if anyone from all 14 states eligible for season 2009 that knows about their players position, pleas help me by placing a comment with the position of each player. Thanks in advance.


This patch has been release since 16 February 2008.

Download now from other post here.

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