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Yes, it’s true, another untucked shirt modelling patch. Yet I believe this is worthwhile to see and download.

I’m still in finishing touch, so I can’t offer the download link as yet. But, here is a teaser video for all who may concern.

The DOWNLOAD LINK are available NOW.

ENJOY the video.

—————— UPDATED ————-

DOWNLOAD FINAL VERSION HERE– 18 October 2009 – Untucked/semi untucked-left/semi untucked-right (manual installation using FM10)

EXTRA PACKAGE – My Untucked and semi-untucked patch ready to use package. Download HERE (I call it QUICK SETUP kit patch). Consider this as temporary solution while waiting for kits Model Switcher tools for fifa10.

Looking for Right Chest Front number with untucked shirt? Download here – my other blogs.

PLEASE NO EXTRA LINKS FROM OTHER FILESERVER especially rapidshare or anything with point-collect (no point/credit-hopping okay)

ALSO AVAILABLE, CM10 (AND CM09) ALTERNATE KIT PREVIEW MODELS PATCH. It replace original Kit_0L.x and other X files.

Make sure you unzip this patch INSIDE FIFA10 Folder and read the README.TXT for more info.

BELOW IS CONSIDERED OBSOLETE, but I will let the link active.

DOWNLOAD VERSION 2 HERE – 11 October 2009 ( – IT replace Version 1 below.

DOWNLOAD HERE ( (as of 7th October 2009) – Please don’t put this patch into any other download service provider without my consent.

Consider this as version 1.5. I still like version 1.0 that I built (as on the video), but base on the feedback, I change it to make it a bit shorter (higher, depends on how you look at it) and make it FIFA10 ‘lighting friendly’.

My Object patch thread in Forum – FIFA 10 Untucked Shirt

So, here there are the untucked kit for fifa10 by mslpatcher/skeptik. Some say it is not possible, due to shader 2 limitation whereas PS3 use Shader 3. The question now, is the reason still valid? No need to answer that. I’m just happy to figure it out.

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