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CM09 Tutorial : How-to Import Patch using CMP

I took the liberty to write a simple tutorial on how to load a cmp file to CM09.

No need for explanation, just download and read. It’s in PDF format.

Directlink is here,

If you’re having problem downloading CM09 from rinaldo’s official account, you may download from the link below provided.

Creation Master 09 Rel 1 unofficial mirror

Please remember this is Unofficial mirror link. Luckily, Rinaldo is a very good person.

MSL patch Progress Report (1)


Just want to inform all reader, I think I already achieve 10% of the patch project. Out of 14 teams, I already did Kedah FA and UPB MyTeam jersey or kit, both home and away kit. I use images from the internet as reference. As for Kedah FA, thank you Jebsion for his excellent photography (eventhough he didn’t know me). Also I have a national team. I use a list from and take it from there. Try to beat Chelsea, but yap, still lost.

Here is a few screenshot as a prove the existence of this project. Click the thumbnail to view. msl4fifa09-report5a1


But I need help, really-really need help. I do have a list of players from last season and the latest squads from wikipedia, but I don’t know who play as what. Wikipedia do have a list like DF for defender, etc, but I know that even DF has a few like LWB, RWB etc. So if anyone from all 14 states eligible for season 2009 that knows about their players position, pleas help me by placing a comment with the position of each player. Thanks in advance.


This patch has been release since 16 February 2008.

Download now from other post here.

Sneak Peek – Creation Master 09 for FIFA09 images

Hi guys, I just found out about CM09 from a forumer at has just released an images of CM09 of what will be expected from Rinaldo greatest program.


BUT KEEP IN MIND, that CM09 will NOT work in Vista OS (32-bit and 64-bit), and will no work also in Windows XP 64-bit version.

The only way you can use in both OS are through some kind or virtualization. You can use Virtual PC or VirtualBox or VMWare and install Windows XP 32-bit inside the virtual machine.

Any question about virtualization? Just Google it. I can’t answer that. by myself.

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