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FIFA 11 Great Mod Stuffs

I’m planning to create the latest league of Malaysia for FIFA 11 PC. While waiting for a truly good CM11 tools from Rinaldo, let us amazed ourselves with other great stuff already happen in FIFA11 World.


Great MiniKits Template by Coconut – soccergaming thread here. The most realistic minikits ever! Look at the pix below.


We can find the first tools for FIFA11 PC:

  1. DB Master 11 by Master Rinaldo – status : beta 2
  2. FIFA 11 Texture Editor (FTE) by Jorge – status : beta 1.01
  3. Minikit Tools by Monkey Dragon – status : beta 1.2
  4. Creation Master by Master Rinaldo – status : unknown yet (it will be the first tools of choice of course)

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