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FIFA 11 Great Mod Stuffs

I’m planning to create the latest league of Malaysia for FIFA 11 PC. While waiting for a truly good CM11 tools from Rinaldo, let us amazed ourselves with other great stuff already happen in FIFA11 World.


Great MiniKits Template by Coconut – soccergaming thread here. The most realistic minikits ever! Look at the pix below.


We can find the first tools for FIFA11 PC:

  1. DB Master 11 by Master Rinaldo – status : beta 2
  2. FIFA 11 Texture Editor (FTE) by Jorge – status : beta 1.01
  3. Minikit Tools by Monkey Dragon – status : beta 1.2
  4. Creation Master by Master Rinaldo – status : unknown yet (it will be the first tools of choice of course)

Malaysia National Team and TM Liga Super for FIFA 09 – What is it?

MSL4FIFA09 as I call the patch includes 14 teams and 1 national team.

The team in Malaysia Super League or TM Liga Super or Liga Super Malaysia are :
Kedah FA
Negeri Sembilan FA
Selangor FA
Johor FC
Perak FA
Terengganu FA
Perlis FA
Pahang FA
Penang FA
Kuala Muda NAZA FC

All teams comprises of 25 players per team with the exception of the national team. It is due to CMS compliant that I would really like to obliged. Fortunately, this season all team can only register up to 25 players so I feel lucky.

I do most of the research using internet. is still my best sources to date. I also found archive data of previous league from which is a viable sources for me. I almost downgrade this patch to season 2007-2008, if I didn’t came up with the idea of using fake PES-like name for un-announce team like Pahang and PDRM.
Probably PDRM will be out of this season if their decision to quit MSL (or in BM MLS) due to financial constraint, is final. Until we know for sure, I let the team in the patch.

Feel free to use it on you fifa09 pc or make changes to satisfy your experience. I know some gamers want simulation and as accurate as it can be, but some gamers just play fifa09 like arcade like with all powerup. So with CM09 you can do just that. Satisfied your power hunger by changing all players attributes to the highest possible.

However, for the purpose of the simulated experience, I really hope you can accept my settings as the final say. So in case you change it, that’s yours but when refering to MSL4FIFA09 as the name goes, then the setting provided from this sites must be considered as the actual reference.

Okay, that been said, I’ve always welcome any help from you guys. I know, majority player has inaccurate personal data like date of birth, leftie, etc. If you know the real settings, please help me by sending an excel or cmp files back to me. Just send me the one with the one you change with the correct personal data. If you know their faces and sure you can change in CM09, then send a copy of the changes, either team patch or just the player patch. Please don’t change the player ID and team ID. The setting is already setup so that the patch can be declared CMS compliant.

Thank you downloading the patch and thank you for your future contribution back to the patch. Of course all credits must go to the person due.

For the patch maker, if you like to use the patch later on, you can use it, but please let me know so that we can help each other, and credit due goes to mslpatcher.

MSL4FIFA09 Pre-season Release

Malaysia TM Super League season 2009 patch for FIFA09

Today I’m announcing the first preseason release of Malaysia TM Liga Super patch for FIFA09. I can’t wait for another months until all teams announcing their proper line up. So consider this patch as a pre-season or if you may, a tryout version before January 2009.

Here is the link.
CMP version (requires CM09 readily install)
ZIP (restore backup) version

What is the different?
Zip version let you unzip the files to fifa 09 folder. Then you can start the game. CMP version, on the other hand, require CM09 software which you can downloaded for free from The advantage using CMP over zip version is you can make changes to this patch and the rest of FIFA09.

I do recommend you using CMP version. The ZIP version is good for one reason. You retain my settings.

The downside of using both version is you may not be able to continue you career mode and probably any other save games. If you still want to retain your game, you must backup all your files in FIFA 09 folder in My Documents.

The same is true to all or any other fifa09 team/league/tournament released or to be release.

So this is a must do. To avoid any crash for running your no longer compatible game, please clear all files in my documents\fifa 09 folder. Then you can run CM09 and load the patch or unzip the patch to fifa 09 folder.

Enjoy TM Liga Super 2009 patch. I know I do.

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