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What peripherals do I use to play FIFA09 PC

Because of FIFA09, I bought Logitech Rumblepad 2 from one of the computer store in Karamunsing Complex, Kota Kinabalu. It cost me around RM100 plus.,en##

I bought just one for ME. But I also has usb-ps2 converter from rockfire (a couple of years back) and last months I bought a new cheaper converter made in China.

I use PS2 gamepad because I love to play with analog stick, both stick. Since I don’t want to invest more on gaming peripherals, the cheaper solution was to buy a usb converter. So if i don’t play game in PS2, I can use the gamepad for PC gaming.

So far so good.

I also had a Logitech keyboard for gaming as well.

Malaysia Super League Version 2 coming soon

Currently, I’m working on version 2 of MSL4FIFA09. The new season just started last saturday where Selangor beat kedah by 4-1 in the first season match, Piala Sumbangsih (Charity Cup). That would also means Selangor , for Liga Super tournament, gain the first 3 points over Kedah, the defending champions. Anyway, this season started with a few big changes. Among others, DPMM FC team no longer able to compete in Malaysia TM Liga Super due to technical-related decision. At the same time. Kelantan FA have been added to Liga Super by blessing from FAM and it make it a complete 14 team.

Being said that, it would be proper for me to release version 2 which incorporated the changes of teams, as well as a few player attributes changes as well.

For Malaysia fans and FIFA09 gamers, I believe MSL4FIFA09 v2 (PC only) is a necessary release and it is a promise.

So, this is a few things that I have in mind for the 2nd version.
1. Latest lineup with correct tactical/formation
2. Latest team compete (of course) with kelantan in and DPMM FC out.
3. Adding DPMM FC to Rest of World group or release it as a single team patch. I don’t like my work wasted just like that.
4. Re-drawing all 14 teams latest jersey/kit, this time with goal keeper kit as well. I already start with Kelantan new kit (WIP)
5. All team will have it’s own 6 flags in FIFA09 – with helps from other Harimau Malaya forumer, started with Kelantan team, picture by adib_n70
6. Proper minikits following FIFA09 minikit style (but still with short hand – Malaysia don’t wear long shirt. And this will be a first for me.
7. Changes of attributes to a few or more players. For examples, shafizam (Kedah) is a defender with excellent strength during Kedah vs Selangor, with good attacking attributes. while Safee Sali have a strengh long ball shoots. Amri Yahya is considered the playmaker for Selangor just like Hardi yahya. That is an example of a few consideration that i’ve been doing.
8. Adding a commentary and proper chants to all 14 teams (if possible with help from HMC forumer or even you guys).

So here a few teaser image for your pleasure.

kelantan FA in FIFA 09

Kelantan FA Work-in-Progress for MSL4FIFA09 v2

I’m not kelantanese, I’m Sabahan, but I love the new unique Kelantan FA kit (first time in Malaysia).

At the same time. I will create a new Malaysia Premier League, dubbed MPL4FIFA09 version 1, which includes Sabah team (the main reason why I have to create MPL4FIFA09)

12 Jan 2009 addition (latest teaser image):

Perak FA away kit created by mslpatcher for FIFA09

Perak FA away kit (99% done) created by mslpatcher for FIFA09

MSL patch Progress Report (1)


Just want to inform all reader, I think I already achieve 10% of the patch project. Out of 14 teams, I already did Kedah FA and UPB MyTeam jersey or kit, both home and away kit. I use images from the internet as reference. As for Kedah FA, thank you Jebsion for his excellent photography (eventhough he didn’t know me). Also I have a national team. I use a list from and take it from there. Try to beat Chelsea, but yap, still lost.

Here is a few screenshot as a prove the existence of this project. Click the thumbnail to view. msl4fifa09-report5a1


But I need help, really-really need help. I do have a list of players from last season and the latest squads from wikipedia, but I don’t know who play as what. Wikipedia do have a list like DF for defender, etc, but I know that even DF has a few like LWB, RWB etc. So if anyone from all 14 states eligible for season 2009 that knows about their players position, pleas help me by placing a comment with the position of each player. Thanks in advance.


This patch has been release since 16 February 2008.

Download now from other post here.

Sneak Peek – Creation Master 09 for FIFA09 images

Hi guys, I just found out about CM09 from a forumer at has just released an images of CM09 of what will be expected from Rinaldo greatest program.


BUT KEEP IN MIND, that CM09 will NOT work in Vista OS (32-bit and 64-bit), and will no work also in Windows XP 64-bit version.

The only way you can use in both OS are through some kind or virtualization. You can use Virtual PC or VirtualBox or VMWare and install Windows XP 32-bit inside the virtual machine.

Any question about virtualization? Just Google it. I can’t answer that. by myself.

It Started to Make Sense

Yes it’s true. I’ve been playing FIFA for quite sometimes. I love English League, I play A Serie and sometimes I just play lazily the brazil league, and now the Hyundai Australia League.

But why is that Malaysia Team and Malaysia league were not in the game. Where is the motto, “If it’s in the game, it’s in the game.” I know Malaysia League were included in FIFA series in the old version. I quick google reveals FIFA’97 includes Malaysia League.

So, I think if only can we add our own team, our own Malaysia Super League, or maybe Malaysia Primear League to the game, only then for Malaysian game-fan, we can say loudly, “it’s in the game!”.

Okay, you got me, what a crap. Building a patch is not easy. Yes, I knew there is Creation Master 08 for FIFA08 which can help FIFA fans modifying or customising their team or league. I read a few forums and there is hope for latest version, the Creation Master09 for FIFA09. But the hardest part was to build a database of the real player of each team. I google again and found wikipedia’s link here.

These are the list of teams which will be playing in the Malaysia Super League 2009 season.

But, who’s playing for what team. Who is the benchwarmer and who is the start line-up. What color is their jersey or kits. What about the attributes of each player. In fact to make this project a successful and completed in shorter times, it needs the willingness of not one but many people.

So, I started this blog simply to proposed a Malaysia Super League Patch Project and I’m requesting for volunteers that has the willingness to contributes to this project. Probably it will be a one off project.

What we need?
Graphics artiste for recreating all 14 teams home and away kits. (urgent)
Database researcher for each player of each team. (urgent)
Pictures/photographer or Face artiste so that we can recreate as close as possible the look of players. (not so urgent)
Adboard artiste if we want to change the adboard of stadiums. (not so urgent)
Flags artiste for each team. (not so urgent)
Any other stuff that we can think of.

Every task will have to be distributed amoung groups of volunteers. The first two is the hardest part.

What tools to use?
Frankly I don’t know really well about it. But by following the forum at, I came across with the person named Rinaldo. And he have created a numbers of tools under the brand FIFA MASTER, even way back to FIFA 2006 and FIFA 2007. Also MonkeyDragon softwares like 09 Kit Tool and other 09 series, are exceptional quality. I suggest you try visited his websites (unfortunately, he’s taking a leave till november).

When can we do it?
The graphics part is the first that we can start to create. So is the database by creating it in Excel files. But we can only start the building the patch when Creation Master 09 programmed by Rinaldo surfaced in the net. Recently I tested CM08 and boy, it’s really excellent softwares for editing FIFA08 data and graphics.

So, any volunteers? If you’re interested, just leave a comment with your name and which part you want to contributes. Remember, this is a NO PAY efforts. So, all people are welcome. I also will not force you to do it for myself. I already started researching for Malaysia national team, and hopefully I can create the team for a small international team patch.

I know I can do it, MSL4FIFA09, by myself, but where is the fun?

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