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Malaysia Super League and AFF Suzuki Cup for FIFA 08

This is actually two special CMP package for FIFA 08. By request from a fellow HMC forumer, I decided to convert both of my patch created earlier, MSL4FIFA09 and AFF Suzuki Cup for FIFA09 (all PC version) and make it works with FIFA 08 PC.

So Encik Ahmad, here is the patch,
Liga Super Malaysia musim 2009, MSL2009 for FIFA08 – [url:
AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 for FIFA08 – [url:

Since it is a 99 % conversion, so most of the GUI and data are similar with FIFA09 version, with the exception of kits, I redo since I have to place a shadow layer for all 14+8 teams.

Hope this patch will satisfy the other FIFA08 PC version gamer too.

A quick note, in order to play AFF Suzuki Cup, look for it in Rest of World header in tournament mode. TM Liga Super (Liga Super Malaysia), you can simply find it in Malaysia header.

FIFA 09 PC AFF Suzuki Cup Chants patch pack Release

If you like to play AFF Suzuki Cup then you might like this chants pack also. However, at the moment, it only include a national anthem of all 8 national team.

All you need to do is to have Sound master 09 install and load this patch. How?

First download the tutorial here.

then download the AFF Cup chants anthem pack here.

I hope by reading the tutorial you will have minimal problem when using SM09 beta.

Latest addition – 24/12/2008
If you having problem downloading from Rinaldo’s website, you can download from the link below.

This is UNOFFICIAL mirror link from my account for Sound Master 09 (beta 1) by Rinaldo.

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