Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)


This is a blog of MSLPatcher, the creator or maker of Malaysia Super League season 2009 patch for FIFA09 PC version. I’m Malaysian by the way.

The main objectives of this project:

Adding local flavors to FIFA 09 PC version. Ever since 1997, Malaysia football scene were remove from the game. I took the opportunity to bring back the local football scenes to the game as an addon (or preferably call a patch) for the first time due to it’s adaptability and excellent graphics.

Secondly, I love playing games, especially FIFA. I will definitely fall in love again by playing Malaysia football leagues out of the box. Unfortunately, it’s far from reality. So creating patches for myself (and others who have similar enjoyment) is the best alternative.

Enjoy the game. And now, Malaysia is in the game.

Latest info : This project are now growing bigger with a new addition of Malaysia Premier League as well into the game.

Now this patch will also known as Malaysia Football patch for FIFA09. I also will use the acronym of MSLPL4FIFA09.

PS : I no sifu (seefu) or master on this game or graphics design. I’m just an ordinary fans with ambition and a little bit know-how. So if you think this project is not good at all, well I already try my best. But we better have it than no at all.


Comments on: "About" (5)

  1. Apakhabar friends.
    Saya kerap juga follow friends punya job ni, Walaupun geng ni tak main FIFA ni.
    Harap kita dapatle sering berkongsi informasi kit liga Malaysia ni.


  2. mslpatcher said:

    OK. Terima kasih kerana prihatin dengan Liga kita.

  3. mcm mane nk main erk x tau nk buat sbb sy it ni kemah skt
    ajar kn boleh

  4. mslpatcher said:

    apis… main fifa kan main macam biasa. Lawati je dan cari panduan di sana.

  5. AmiR DesTroY said:

    dashat dasht……………..
    KAGUM aku dgan ko……..
    txq dude………..
    lepas ngak gian aku nak malaysia menang world cup…………

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