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FIFA 11 PC patch of Malaysia Super League and Premier League

This mods or patch are still in planning now available. But I would like to invite any of you, that can invest their time and strength, and technical expertise to join and help me fullfill this next MSL patch. My main concern at the moment will be the accuracy of players data and kits design for the game. So, if anyone can or already create a FIFA 11 PC kits for any MSL and MPL team, and you’re willing to share with me, I’m more than grateful.

Anyway, just a reminder, this patch, if realised, will be the forth MSLPL for FIFA series ever made. The previous three, MSL4FIFA08, MSLPL4FIFA09 and MSLPL4FIFA10 were done by myself alone, with small help from friends in sending photo image of jersey wore by certain team.

So, now I’m more open for friendly buddy to realised the next patch series.

If the project do happen, with CM11 released, the download link for the patch will be available here.

The patch  are now available in ZIP files instead of originally intended a CMP file. Download at the link below.

A new shiny website for Malaysia League for FIFA 11 PC now open.

Any comments or question related to this patch must be type in that sites.


FIFA 11 Great Mod Stuffs

I’m planning to create the latest league of Malaysia for FIFA 11 PC. While waiting for a truly good CM11 tools from Rinaldo, let us amazed ourselves with other great stuff already happen in FIFA11 World.


Great MiniKits Template by Coconut – soccergaming thread here. The most realistic minikits ever! Look at the pix below.


We can find the first tools for FIFA11 PC:

  1. DB Master 11 by Master Rinaldo – status : beta 2
  2. FIFA 11 Texture Editor (FTE) by Jorge – status : beta 1.01
  3. Minikit Tools by Monkey Dragon – status : beta 1.2
  4. Creation Master by Master Rinaldo – status : unknown yet (it will be the first tools of choice of course)

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