Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)

This is a continuation project of untucked player model patch. Previously I released untucked patch for FIFA10 PC, and now, since a lot of request from my fellow countrymen, I create and release this patch specifically for FIFA09 PC.

Bear in mind, FIFA09 is considered old already and someone already did the model patch for FIFA09. However my version is different, so try today.


Here are the link to download FIFA09 UNTUCKED SHIRT created by MSLPATCHER version 1 (and final) (a.k.a. Skeptik in soccergaming forum)

Upload date : 22 October 2009


Easy. First please download Kitswitcher from progammed by Outsider87. With his tool, you can use both untucked and semi-untucked player model patch created by me in all matches.

All you have to do after the installation is to replace two files, u200__.o and s200__.o with mine. Both files are in FIFAMANIA\Kitswicher folder (maybe in Program Files if you use default installation or other folder if you change installation folder).  Also do the same with files inside FIFA09 folder.




  1. Great!!!!!!, work 100 %. Thank for this!!!!!

  2. mslpatcher said:

    You are definitely welcome.

  3. So nice look like ps 3…. icannoi wait msl4fifa10 realease….
    gomo klate gomo…

  4. Mr.fifa crazy said:

    Hey i cant download kitswitcher plz help me and tell me how to.Not available in website i guess..

  5. mslpatcher, kat mana nak download kitswitcher tu. Aku dh cari tapi tak jumpa jugak. Help me ..

  6. mslpatcher said:

    Ada link aku tampal di Tapi kalau nak cari kat pun boleh.

  7. Thanks bro. Aku dh dpt dh Kitswitcher tu and aku dh DL untucked patch ko.

  8. Tapi aku x berapa nk paham cara nak gunakan patch ko. Aku dh overwrite file s200__.o dengan u200__.o kat dlm folder FIFAMANIA/KITSWITCHER dan folder FIFA09(Program files/EA Sport). Pastu nk bwat ape.

  9. Untuk FIFA09 punya, hanya boleh pakai Untuck dan semi untuck. Lepas overwrite, run kitswitcher dan suka hati awak nak pakai random atau pilih setiap satu. APPLy dan quit. Lepas tu kat game, kau nampak lah efek dia.

  10. aku nk tnyer skit..knape bila aku nk run kitswitcher ade kuar bnde nih

  11. Bro, kena pakai kit model switcher 09 la untuk fifa09. kit model switcher 10 utk fifa10.

    Cari link DL kat sini. LINK CLICK

  12. Ohh…Thanks bro. Aku dh DL KMS09 tu. Tapi kenapa tengah main tak nampak untucked tp bila dh score gol baru nampak untucked. Tapi untucked dyer pendek la. Apa2 pon aku enjoy..TQ..

  13. mslpatcher said:

    Tu mungkin limitation KMS09. Yalah, dulu punya version tak fleksibel cam KMS10. Tu kena tanya outsider tu.

  14. bro kenapa bila aku nak main manager mood FIFA09 aku terus automatik tutup game ? ? ?

  15. mslpatcher said:

    Win7? No idea. WinXP, not suppose to happen as I still play my patch ver3 (with a few other peopel patch) in my PC and still no crash.

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