Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)

Yes, it’s true, another untucked shirt modelling patch. Yet I believe this is worthwhile to see and download.

I’m still in finishing touch, so I can’t offer the download link as yet. But, here is a teaser video for all who may concern.

The DOWNLOAD LINK are available NOW.

ENJOY the video.

—————— UPDATED ————-

DOWNLOAD FINAL VERSION HERE– 18 October 2009 – Untucked/semi untucked-left/semi untucked-right (manual installation using FM10)

EXTRA PACKAGE – My Untucked and semi-untucked patch ready to use package. Download HERE (I call it QUICK SETUP kit patch). Consider this as temporary solution while waiting for kits Model Switcher tools for fifa10.

Looking for Right Chest Front number with untucked shirt? Download here – my other blogs.

PLEASE NO EXTRA LINKS FROM OTHER FILESERVER especially rapidshare or anything with point-collect (no point/credit-hopping okay)

ALSO AVAILABLE, CM10 (AND CM09) ALTERNATE KIT PREVIEW MODELS PATCH. It replace original Kit_0L.x and other X files.

Make sure you unzip this patch INSIDE FIFA10 Folder and read the README.TXT for more info.

BELOW IS CONSIDERED OBSOLETE, but I will let the link active.

DOWNLOAD VERSION 2 HERE – 11 October 2009 ( – IT replace Version 1 below.

DOWNLOAD HERE ( (as of 7th October 2009) – Please don’t put this patch into any other download service provider without my consent.

Consider this as version 1.5. I still like version 1.0 that I built (as on the video), but base on the feedback, I change it to make it a bit shorter (higher, depends on how you look at it) and make it FIFA10 ‘lighting friendly’.

My Object patch thread in Forum – FIFA 10 Untucked Shirt

So, here there are the untucked kit for fifa10 by mslpatcher/skeptik. Some say it is not possible, due to shader 2 limitation whereas PS3 use Shader 3. The question now, is the reason still valid? No need to answer that. I’m just happy to figure it out.



  1. I cant find th download link? where is it???

  2. genius thank you brother patch ni lagi lawa. ko da kalah kan clementzuzu pandai ah macm ps3

  3. I have yet to release it. Please be patient. Thank you for the support.

  4. Kayap aku. BLushing already.

  5. A,a la bro lu memg genius la….kerajaan x baya lu ke???

  6. mslpatcher said:

    Aku sedang buat versi yang lebih baik. Tapi tak taulah baik macamana sebab ini first-time dapat buat.

    Translate to English:
    I’m still in the process of making more better version of the patch, but of course I don’t really know what is ‘better’ for the patch.

  7. make the untucked shirt random then its perfect 🙂

  8. is the download link realised yet ?

  9. tolong buat turf patch boleh . pdg diorang tak lawa ah

  10. When you will release this patch ?? is awome.. congratulations

  11. mslpatcher said:

    Version 1.5 has been release. Link above.

  12. Mls it’s not working on full version, I followed every instruction, made .0 file copies then imported them in z 02.big using File Master 10 and also put body.nm file in z 17 and regenerated both z 02 and 17. Turned on the game but no difference

  13. camne nak pasang tak paham

  14. Prooo!!

  15. ty , but i have a problem, the filemaster 10 doesnt work in w7 😦

  16. Hi, in german Fifa you have to use zdata_04 for the o datas and zdata_36.big for body_nm.tga. Hope this helps.

  17. Ok testet it and must say great modification. The only change i’d like to have, would be that some Players have untucked and some tucked trikots. But this ist impossible, or?

    So once again: Thanks for the great modification and your hard work!!! It makes the game way better than it was before.

  18. mte am awaiting urscript. hope u pm it me

  19. Ok I fixed it, for full version the folders are z data 04 (for .o files) and z data 36 (for but mls bro why the body nm file makes the jerseys so wierd?

  20. mslpatcher said:

    what do you mean by weird jersey? Is it the color or something else? Have you make any changes or editing especially on stadium lighting?

    Well, I haven’t tested it on FIFA10 full. I hope you can find the solution.

  21. By wierd jersey I meant the polygons on the jerseys and body seemed strange and blunt like a different layer just around jersey number, pants, knees, collar I mean it looks like body model editting was done that kind of wierd.

  22. mslpatcher said:

    Can you show me a screenshot as reference? If you don’t have the capture tools, at least by pressing [Prt Sc] key will do.

    Or is it because you have multiple files, one in zdata_02.big (which is use only in DEMO) and zdata_04.big (turns out the actual BIG file in FIFA10 Final version).

    Anyhow, I will try to assist you, if possible.

  23. Here are 2 screenshots I hope you can see them clearly bro, and thanks for offering the help I do love the untucked shirts and it also solved the coming out of shorts problem previous FIFA patches had. See these 2 pics.

  24. Those wierd boxes of darker shade appeared after applying the patch, click on the pics and enlarge them for better view. Thanks

  25. i stil cannot figure out how to find the filemaster 10

  26. Msl bro did you fix that editing lines visible on the back and collar of the kits?

  27. thx bro.nice work.bro ada mslh la.nape referee pun untucked jgk?

  28. mslpatcher said:

    Dah cuba versi 2? Mana yg tiada problem ‘box effect’ dan mana yang ada prblm tu. bagi tau aku.

  29. You are make a patch for a version Fifa 09 too????

  30. I like the version 2 better, closed bottom, because it doesn’t have the editing lines on the collar, back of the neck, jersey number, pants etc, But, from far away, version 1.5 (open bottom) looks like NG Fifa:D

  31. mslpatcher said:

    Yes, I will later after I satisfied with fifa10 untucked shirt

  32. mslpatcher said:

    Actually the improved version of untucked shirt with open bottom already finish and look promising. I will release it soon after I satisfied with semi-tuck/semi-untuck version, hoping outsider87 will use it in his kit switcher tools. I use it’s tool ini fifa09 and love it.

  33. why does it say “failed to initialize properly(0xc0000135).click ok to terminate the application” when i run file master 10 on my windows xp

  34. Your work is awesome, mslpatcher. I use untucked close and it works very well. Can’t wait for next version of open bottom though. 🙂

    You should add to the readme that in the full version, as Onikrulz said, the folders are z_data04 for .o files and z_data36 for

    Thanks again for this awesome patch. 😀

  35. I think this untucked shirts are not realistic in real fifa everyone wont be untucked….can u please release a patch that should be same as ps3 or xbox they have a realastic untucked/tucked shirts please can u do like same as ps3 or xbox360 fifa 10?

  36. mslpatcher said:

    I intentionally didn’t do any tools to do both, because outsider87’s KITSWITCHER is already the best, and it’s still free. He promise to create latest version of Kitswitcher for fifa10 using my 3d model patch. So all of us just wait for a little while. In the meantime, you and I will have to play with all untuck.

    PS. Actually I have a few thing in my mind about it… but let time past by.

  37. Yeah sure that would be great…..

  38. and u have done great work by doin this untucked shirts i never expected but if u do as same as ps3 it will be good….and u will be appreciated………but ill wait for that……..

  39. mslpatcher said:

    I don’t have PS3, so I don’t really sure, but I suspect, 3d model in NG version has more mesh because from the video I watch from youtube, the movement and curve of the shirt are flawless. I want to do the same, but fail to add more mesh to m200__.o, but that is fine at the moment. Do you have and easports game? I have a theory that maybe I can use NHL/NFL or even cricret 3d model and convert it to fifa. But I need the file to makesure of that. I did google, but no one have edit player model except from fifa community.

  40. i am not tellin about the 3d model….i am tellin about untucked shirts……..that everyone should not be untucked only few shoud be untucked and few with tucked shirts……….

    for example in MAN UTD team….rooney, berbatov, ronaldo, anderson are untucked and evra,ferdinand and few more are tucked if u do like this then i will be very happy can u do that as soon as possible please……….

  41. its k if its not detailed too much……..k bro..

  42. mslpatcher said:

    Ha, I’m still trying to figure out if specific setup can be done. At the moment, you can try the quicksetup patch that been created. Download link above post- It’s is the same like version final but, it comes with extra file to enable gameplay untuck/semi-untuck and normal. Please follow the instruction carefully.

  43. I have .NET frmaework 3.5, not 2.0. is this the reason why file master 10 is not working in my pc???? I have xp sp2

  44. I dunno how to install it :/

    I open File Master 10 then I select FIFA 10 folder and I get into the data folder. Now I select zdata_04.big or something like that and…what now ? There’s no import icon or button or whatever it should be…any help how to install it ?? thanks in advance

  45. @ iqtesab

    I had the same problem, try to re-install File Master 10 but this time install it into your FIFA 10 folder. Should work,

    BTW :

    I dunno how to install it :/

    I open File Master 10 then I select FIFA 10 folder and I get into the data folder. Now I select zdata_04.big or something like that and…what now ? There’s no import icon or button or whatever it should be…any help how to install it ?? thanks in advance

  46. OK I figured it out by myself.
    But the problem is when Im using those mods (at least full untucked shirts) The game becomes quite laggy. It hasn’t happend before using mods for untucked shirts. My pc fills in all the requirements so the problem is not about that. Any way to fix it ? Or it’s just the way it is ?…

  47. K, i fixed it. The patch is gud. But the semi-untucked shirts r a bit weird. And they ALL wear untucked shirts which is unrealistic. But its a good patch nonetheless.

  48. mslpatcher said:

    my patch has a few necessary adjustment to make it movable. In return, pc has to work hard do calculation of 3d movement, i suppose. Can’t fix it, unless I disable the move of the shirt, which in return makes it just like other untuck made by others.

  49. mslpatcher said:

    check in fifa10 forum at

  50. mslpatcher said:

    iqtiseb can try the quicksetup one. DOWNLOAD EXTRA PACKAGE patch but please for this to work, you have to restore original zdata04.big, and delete bescene.cs at zdata02.big.
    UNZIP THE FILE inside FIFA10 FOLDER, not fifa10\data folder, NO!

    Unzip and then run use_untucked.BAT file so that the necessary file can be built automatically.

    Try it, and any problem, refer to my untucked shirt thread at\forums. Solution for problem already been discussed there.

  51. bro….msl10 bila release ???? x sabar nk download…bro tlg upload secepat mungkin….

  52. Guys plz help
    I extracted the patch and created the required 4 files.then went to file manager 10 and opened data and then double clicked on zdata_04.big
    after that a number pad kinda thing opened but there was no import button,no red arrow nothing.what to do.plz help
    Thanks in advance

  53. mslpatcher, awk dh bersedia ke nk bwat patch mslpl untuk season 2010 yg bakal tiba nanti. Saya akan cuba membantu apa yang patut.

    Good luck=)





  55. mslpatcher said:

    takut-taku season 2010 jadi tak menarik, team kurang. Apa-apapun, sebarang update season 2010 akan dibuat dalam bulan januari/fabruari

  56. mslpatcher said:

    try another patch that I made, find the quick setup Patch by me. It’s here to download

  57. mslpatcher said:

    I got to be kidding me. It’s clear shown on FM10. Just look for FOLDER icon with red arrow-like. That is for import.

  58. mslpatcher said:

    For those having trouble using the untuck and semi-untuck patch, I advise you all to try to use QUICKSETUP KIT PATCH above. Use it on new zdataxx files. In other words, DON’T use the final version, but use the QuickSetup patch.

    Thank you for the interest.

  59. hey did u release patch for undtucked and tucked shirts which look same as Xbox 360………i am waiting for that…..

  60. bro mslpatcher,
    ko tau x mne2 link nk download FIFA10 (full version )for free.
    aku nk g bli mls lor. hehehehe..

  61. mslpatcher ko bleh tak try buat skill rambut razali umar kandasamy untuk masukkan dlm patch fifa10 nnt. Ko try le apa cara sekalipun. Aku dh try buat tp x jadi la.

  62. Where can I find the file master mate

  63. hey i wanna know if i install the quicksetup on a clean fifa 2010 and then install my other patches if it will it work because when i install the quick setup patch after it affects all my other patches like players faces and pitch colour

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