Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)


It is 12:00 AM here in Malaysia at the time of this post, and yet I’m waiting impatiently for the demo of FIFA10 PC.  It is announced earlier the demo would be available on 10th September 2009, which will means 11th September 2009 for us on the east.

Anyway, a frequent visit to and soccergaming, only now I am able to find the link to the download copy.

BEWARE, it is as usual, a big download. 2.16GB is not an easy download for me with basic broadband.

Anyway here is the link, courtesy of Fernando_torres of Soccergaming Forums.

I advise all of you to download English version.

Good luck.


Comments on: "FIFA 10 PC DEMO AVAILABLE NOW" (6)

  1. GOT IT!
    After more than 5 hours of downloading…..

    Now about making patching….

    There assumption was you already successfully add your favorite team to FIFA10 DEMO. Examples are Inter Milan and Alzamar team and you have the commentary created for FIFA09. I suggest you make or create a sound patch first before doing any of the step below.

    In my case, I already successfully add Kedah FA from TM Liga Super (Malaysia) to FIFA10 DEMO.

    Now a here is my tips:

    1. COPY DAT_ENG.BIG AND AUDIO.BIG TO EXISTING FIFA 09\data\audio. it will overwrite your fifa09 audio files, so I suggest you make backup first.

    2. Run SM09, select Commentary. Load audio patch that you have, and install it. For examples, I use my own mspl4fifa09-commentary-v2-release-150209.smp patch.

    3. Save with SM09. Done.

    4. Copy back both BIG files to FIFA 10 DEMO \data\audio folder. Next time you play the team, you will hear the commentary added just now. Don’t forgot to restore your FIFA09 original audio.big and dat_eng.big so that you can still play FIFA09.

    I’ve 100% successful rate with this ‘temporary’ method. Temporary because I know all of us still prefer to use Sound Master 10 fully, if Rinaldo release it later.

    Hope this findings will benefit all of us.

  3. fifa 10 gune grafik tinggi ke same cam fifa 09

  4. hi bro…..
    im using windows 7….im trying to run cm09…not function…
    so,,, i want to ask u bro…is cm10 compatible for my OS ???
    thanx alor for ur patches….
    im ur true fan….hidup malaysia!!!!

  5. Kalau kau boleh main FIFA09 dengan high setting, maknanya FIFA10 ni boleh main kat PC kau. Selebihnya, aku pun tak reti sangat nak cakap, sebab grafik kad aku dari jenis sederhana je, ati radeon, model tahun lepas nye.
    Dah try main demo? Kalau boleh maknanya okaylah tu. Nak juga cari spec betul, google ‘fifa10 pc requirement’, kau boleh dapatkan maklumat detail kat

  6. meuzangelo said:

    graphic tuk fifa10 x jauh beza ngn fifa09.. sme je aku tgk..
    juz dorang dh update tuk model muka bg lg real..

    aku gune window 7… stakat ni xde prob pun gune CM09..
    boleh je gune….

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