Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)

Hi, I will release my own version of Singapore football patch for FIFA09 PC here soon, very soon.

It’s been developed since mid-July with a few research online going on. A few game testing, well a few season mind you. But I think it is almost ready for general release.

Who would be interested in S-League patch?

Well, I hope some or maybe a few Singaporean gamer and fifa fans will appreciate the works although not up to their standard (I suppose), and may be some Malaysian who knows well about the neighbouring country.

If you are interested on ASEAN football patch, maybe this patch will be what you want. Install together with MSLPL4FIFA09 and free agents patch, I believe even you can play manager mode up to 2023 season.

Watch for the link to download HERE.

Another Asian football/soccer patch created by MSLPATCHER.


Comments on: "Singapore’s S-League Patch for FIFA09 PC" (11)

  1. i already finished S-league. i tested the 4years in manager mode and there are no errors.
    and now i am working on Billy’s unfinished Indonesian league.
    and it also almost finishes soon.

  2. i am not singapore person. i am from korea. i was making Super reds which is korean team in singapore league.
    and then, i completed it all.
    when i checked your patch Malaysian league, there were DPMM
    that is why, i asked about it to you last time..

  3. Oh okay. Welcome to my humble blogs. Sorry for late reply. I miss your previous comment/request.

    Don’t hesitate to put the link here, if you release your patch. It’s going to be good.

    I do S-League because I want to create a full ASEAN leagues, and later I can create a fantasy ASEAN inter-nation Cup, and/or ASEAN Champions Cup.

    Well, that is all about my motivation. With FIFA10, hopefully Rinaldo will be back with CM10, it’s going to be a blast.

    Hope you can finish Indo-League.

  4. SApe Bt Nih KOmo KER

  5. Akulah buat semua ni. Aku nak release tak lama lagi. Tapi jersey dia aku pakai generic je.

  6. Caya bgga ngan komo..fifa10 percer msti gempak en..

  7. nie nk tye niwh..komo ad bt x fan club for mlspacth nih kt friendster ker MS ker…ade x..klau ad aq nk join..

  8. Bro Bile Semue nie nak kluor aku nak start new seasons manager mode! aku nak try singapore league

  9. antoniocanal said:

    I’m very interested, thanks.

  10. i wonder when will this be released .. aku tak leh sabar ni.

  11. mslpatcher said:

    The fifa09 patch project are cancelled. instead I focus on FIFA10 PC.

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