Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)

Here is the latest chants pack for Liga Malaysia patch, dubbed MSLPL4FIFA09. It can be use in version 3 and version 2 of MSLPL4FIFA09.

HOW TO INSTALL THIS CHANTS PACK IN FIFA09 PC? Well, you got to have Sound Master 09 and FIFA09 installed. Also you need to have MSLPL4FIFA09 v3 patch installed in FIFA09 using Creation Master 09. If you already have my patch on your pc, that would means you already know what this two tools is all about.

Of course you should read my tutorial PDF again in case you forgot how to install this sound pack.


Kelantan chants pack – download here (requested my Mr. X and Moraz as well as Kelantan FA fans)

Selangor chants pack – download here (this will overwrite existing Selangor chants pack – better sound quality)





  1. Thank you akhir nya kuar gak chant nie.. ok thaks a lots..

  2. kelate kipas susah mati said:

    takleh nak extract yg kelate punye chant tu…bakpo ye???dah try donlod 2-3 kali still takleh gak

  3. mslpatcher said:

    extract? Fail tu ada fail SMP. Kena install ke fifa09 game guna Sound Master 09 (SM09). Baca info fail/fail tutorial aku yang dalam mslpl4fifa09 v2 atau v3.

  4. tolong,cmne nk bwt nie sumer..bestnyer kalo leh men liga malaysia lam fifa..tlong ajar..tlg send kt email ak..

  5. tlg ajar 11 ye..cmne nk download creation master 09,sound master n ape2 lg la..plzzz

  6. mslpatcher said:

    DL je patch aku. Guna Creation master 09 utk install. Tutorial ada dlm fail yg U DL. Google je. Link mirror ada gak kat sini.
    Creation master 09 v1.01
    Sound Master 09 v1.00

    Semua ni adalah hak milik Rinaldo, the FIFA MASTER. Dia yang program software/tools ni yang bikin projek MSLPL4FIFA09 menjadi.

    Thank you bro Rinaldo.

  7. mslpatcher kalau lah awk boleh create commentary mcm hasbullah awang..pasti best..yg chants negaraku kalau bleh msukkan dlm setiap match msl n pl..

  8. nak buh macam na nih?

  9. kenape tak boleh download,Please help me

  10. mslpatcher said:

    AKu baru perasan yang link dah putus. Kena cari fail original dulu baru boleh upload balik. Ambik masa sikit.

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