Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)


Today I’ve just release version 3 of MSLPL4FIFA09. It’s been in my PC for quite a while now. In fact I play FIFA09 using this version, tweaking and setting up to my desires. I think I can release it now. I’m quite satisfied the new structure of the tournament and up to this point, it is ready for uploading.

So alas , You too can download for your own please but be warn, IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE with previous version of MSLPL4FIFA09 PC patch. Simply means, it will overwrites the patch and then YOUR SAVE FILES WILL NO LONGER WORKS.

This patch is meant for FRESH INSTALLATION ONLY. Don’t ask me why your previous career file do not work. IT IS FOR FRESH INSTALLATION and fresh game experience. It is not because of me. It is how it works in FIFA09 and CM09.

Please be inform that NO ONE CAN REPRODUCE or REUPLOADED THIS PATCH to other server especially Don’t do that. Instead any blogs or websites, please give the link to this page/post instead, and not the file link itself.

Unzip the file and BEFORE you do anything read MSLPL4FIFA09-README FILES. Read HOW-TO Tutorial documentation for proper instruction.

Follow the guidelines. This is especially necessary for new user of CM09 and SM09.

Consider this one as the final version prior to FIFA10.


As usual, you will have all 28 teams, including MBJB FC just to make it in balance. Of course it is now far from realistic, since that team no longer in Premier League due to disciplinary action taken by FAM. But what can I say, fun is still the main factor. Also you still have DPMM FC  in Rest of World. There is also a few surprise! Did I mention about new tournament? Yes? Well you need to see it for yourself. As for lineup, I don’t change anything, so in terms of team and players, everything is similar to previous version. The only thing change in this version is the tournament setup.

I hope you will ENJOY the game patch as I’m enjoying making it.



Should you are looking for Creation Master 09, here is the link:

Direct DL link | Main URL of FIFA Master Tools |

Google Search if the URL no longer working



  1. does this patch include kelantan’s new jersey?

  2. mslpatcher said:


  3. Sory tp aku harap sangat bile korang bleh buat chans utk team kelantan fa.. Harap sangat.. ape2 pun korang memang best.. thank you.. ari gato hozaimazzz

  4. mslpatcher said:

    bagi tau aku di mana boleh dapat sound yang best utk kelantan. Kalau ada link youtube ka apakah kasi tau okay.

  5. bro, x der patch untuk stadium ker??Contoh..Stadium Shah Alam@Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil…

  6. mslpatcher said:

    tak de. Tak pandai nak buat stadium.

  7. bess betul game ni kalau orang lain main mesti 24 jam

  8. mslpatcher said:

    Okay, akan diusahakan.

  9. Dude, Thanks a lot. But there’s one small problem. I tried patching for the free agent Malaysian players, but when I played it in manager mode they are not there. Or should I search it in TM Liga Super and Liga Premier only?

  10. mslpatcher said:

    chants tuk kelantan dah siap. nanti aku upload. Korang cari ja link dia dalam pos ini gak. tx moraz for the video. gomo kelate gomo!

    Bro huzai, free agent will not be there directly. If you have luck, the free agent will be offered as junior player, or in transfer list when you look for asia/oceania free agent player. I don’t know how to solve it, but so far I always get malaysia young player in my academy list at least one.

  11. mslpatcher said:

    want to download kelantan and selangor chants pack? Check this post,

  12. malaysia team tak de ke ?

  13. mslpatcher said:

    Memang team malaysia ada di dalam patch ini sekali. Siap dengan jersi baru Nike lagi. Tapi roster adalah last year punya.

  14. chants utk perak ade x.. lagu ipoh mali..

  15. kamu x de patch untuk pes ke.. sbb aku rse main pes lgi syok dri fifa.. komen plez..

  16. tunjukkan aku youtube video yang ada lagu tu, kalau sesuai, chants perak akan menyusul. thanks di atas kerjasama anda

  17. main FIFA lagi best sebab ada banyak liga. Tapi aku ada kedua-duanya. Aku lebih banyak main FIFA10, be a pro dan manager mode.

  18. untuk chants perak..try link ni:

    atau yg ni:

    pls yer bwat perak nyer chants

  19. dh buwat blm perak pnye chants pack..

  20. bro untuk perak nyer chants saya dah ltakkan link youtube. Try la tengok..kalau boleh create la skali..pllsszzz

  21. mslpatcher said:

    aku tengah sibuk buat mslpl4fifa10. nantilah key, sekaligus utk fifa10 punya chants

  22. Hi mslpatcher,
    I love this addons for fifa but sia suda patch ini ver 3 punya bah. Inda boleh main pula… terkeluar window.

    But AFF Suzuki cup boleh main.

    Should I replace the patch again?

  23. mslpatcher said:

    Bro, ver 3 tu kira baru punya. Kau misti kasi clear fifa09 punya save file dalam my document tu. Kalau nda, crash. Kau punya savegame juga nda bulih pakai sudah. sebab struktur database dia sudah aku ubah. Try okay.

  24. hmm dh try tp crash lak (time nk select team), save file smue dh clear..
    v2 jer bleh gune..

  25. mslpatcher said:

    Kalau awak nak guna ver3, awak kena clear everything ka dalam mydocument/fifa 09 folder to. delete semua, profile, game save sebagainya. Barulah ver3 tu boleh dipakai. INGAT. Saya ada beri peringatan bahawa ver 3 HANYA boleh diguna untuk fifa 09 yang masih fresh, bukannya yang daha pernah install patch mslpl4ffia09 ver2. Memang akan conflict. Selamat berjaya bro.

  26. Bro….saya dah cuba nak download CM09 ka apa ka semua x boleh. Kena bayar ka? Saya xder kad kredit. So boleh tak bro pos CD utk saya untuk semua programe Master Fifa 09. Saya bayar la.

  27. nk bt macam mana nih…?

  28. nape x leh nk maen kalau gne club2 malaysia ni..??time nk plih team dye jd kluar window ngan sndri…!!klau maen club2 yg laen blh,tp club liga malaysia ni x leh ah…!!!
    tlg sgt2 ye…!!!

  29. mslpatcher said:

    Apa jenis Windows awak. Awak pakai patch aku yang mana? yang versi 3 ini ka?

  30. bro natioanal team malaysia, memang xda kt international ke?

  31. mslpatcher said:

    kena tambah sendiri. Guna CM10 untuk add team to International League

  32. mohd shameen said:

    i dah download patch yang baru ni, yapi mcm mana nak get started? pastu macam mana nak unzipkan file ni?

  33. mslpatcher said:

    teruklah cam ni. Awak berapa umur. takkan unzip tak tau? tak reti gak, google ‘how to unzip file’. itu lebih baik.

  34. saye gne window xp professional version 2002 service pack3….!!
    yup,sye gne patch yg versi 3 ni laa…!!
    tlg ye ,x sbr nk maen ni…!!

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