Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)

Today I’m releasing a new third kit of Kelantan FA team patch. Additionally I also includes a new Kelantan Fan Flags which I recreate after viewing kelantan fa pictures in Flickr. I also release a new Penang FA main kits. I only realised out of the changes last Friday and so I just made it since it is SO easy.



  1. After downloading the file. Unzip it any folder you like.
  2. Run Creation Master 09
  3. Click  TEAM icon, and select Kelantan FA team and go to Kits.
  4. In Kit Selection, activate Third kit. Then Import image using IMPORT Button (Small RED-ARROW on the bottom-left of CM09)
  5. Do a few changes as necessary like:
  • jersey No. 812 (black fonts), Back (YES), Front (no)
  • Shorts No. 812, Placement = Left, Fine Position = 1
  • Collar no = 8


As for the rest, I hope you can do your own. Explore CM09 so that next time you will be more than familiar with CM10 (hopefully it will exist).


Comments on: "MSLPL4FIFA09 V2 – FIX PATCH RELEASED (2)" (1)

  1. Aku dah buat. tp yang aku pelik skali ngan goal keeper pun gune bju 3rd kit 2 jgk.. Langsung aku pacth balik team kelantan
    skang nie dah ok.. thankss

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