Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)

I would like to announce officially the new release date. If everything goes as plan, all of you can download the latest version this coming weekend, i.e., 8th February 2009 (undetermined date but hopefully within this week, due to file problem).

As you already aware, I have to postponed the release of MSL4FIFA09 and MPL4FIFA09, which collectively will be known as Malaysia League Patch for FIFA09 PC version 2 because I have yet to finish the patch.

However, since I have to continue doing something else, I will have to just let it go just as it is. I will not able to give full jersey/kit for all MPL teams. Instead, I use KDM09 and simply create mix-n-match jersey for each team. As long as it good in the game, it’s okay by me. The same thing with players line-up. I still can’t find good information related to each teams’ first eleven. Not even in any forum. There is a few but not enough. Time is running out. So forgive me if you favorite players plays in wrong position.

I think I still have a few days to draw any team jersey if I can find a good pictures. Even in the last a few days, I managed to draw the new kit for Kedah after gathers pictures from jeebsion website. Thank you Jeebsion for the HR quality pictures.

Just now I browse At last, they provide front-view pictures for Sabah (my states team) and Felda United FC original kit. So maybe I can draw Sabah team 2009 kits confirming the pictures, and maybe Felda U too before the release.

So thank you for your passion. I have a few surprise for the fans of FIFA09 game and fans of MSL4FIFA09 patch.

In the meantime, do click the below smallpix to fullview the new 2009 Kedah FA featuring in the 2nd version.


Can’t wait?



Comments on: "Malaysia League Patch v2 Release date Announcement" (12)

  1. mslpatcher,

    Indeed, the kit looked real enough. What an effort you’re putting up here. Those Kedahan who played FIFA would definitely appreciate such endeavor. 2 thumbs up, mate 🙂

  2. mslpatcher said:

    Thank you for the ‘thumbs up’ 🙂

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  4. ok bro. jgn kalut2 sangat.. janji hasilnya puas hati..

  5. ArepLampard8 said:

    bro x release pun?

  6. mslpatcher said:

    Ada problem sikit dgn patch. Sedang cuba sort out. Maaf kerana tak tunai janji.

  7. slow2 je buat..xyah cpat2 sgt jnji hsilnye gempak..

    credit utk lu r bro cz sggup buat patch ni utk semue fans2 liga dlm msia ni.

    spatutnye kene bg award ni hehe

  8. ye ye.. wat inspiration award.. heheh.. nanti bila nak buat version baru tahun depan, bole la join ramai2 ye..

  9. mslpatcher, you might wanna take a look at the previous game with KL Plus .. according to the officials, those being worn by the players in that game is actually the latest being sent by Line-7 .. hopefully this helps

  10. Jeebsion, thanks for the info.

    I actually already did the changes once noticing your latest pix, Kedah vs KL Plus PC, in you web since yesterdary.

    Thank you for your excellent photographic skills.
    Expect the latest Kedah Kit in FIFA09 soon. Hope you play fifa09 too. 🙂

  11. anakmalaysia said:

    bro mslpatcher,agak-agak bila boleh release?cant wait..huhu

  12. hello mslpatcher i am admired u in the way u put ur effort to create this masterpiece..

    But i have a problems after this i’ve done all the instructions to install the v3 patch..

    the game will crash everytime i select tm super league..same goes to premier league..

    can u help me out?

    add me at ym please…

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