Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)

This is actually two special CMP package for FIFA 08. By request from a fellow HMC forumer, I decided to convert both of my patch created earlier, MSL4FIFA09 and AFF Suzuki Cup for FIFA09 (all PC version) and make it works with FIFA 08 PC.

So Encik Ahmad, here is the patch,
Liga Super Malaysia musim 2009, MSL2009 for FIFA08 – [url:
AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 for FIFA08 – [url:

Since it is a 99 % conversion, so most of the GUI and data are similar with FIFA09 version, with the exception of kits, I redo since I have to place a shadow layer for all 14+8 teams.

Hope this patch will satisfy the other FIFA08 PC version gamer too.

A quick note, in order to play AFF Suzuki Cup, look for it in Rest of World header in tournament mode. TM Liga Super (Liga Super Malaysia), you can simply find it in Malaysia header.


Comments on: "Malaysia Super League and AFF Suzuki Cup for FIFA 08" (14)

  1. i just wanna to say..can u put the msl09 league.cmp to another download section like or….i cannot download it at…always have problem there..i hope u can do it quickly…Malaysia boleh…aku boleh

  2. mslpatcher said:

    sorry, I don’t think I can. I am, on the other hand, always have problem downloading from and as far as my experience goes, is one of the friendlier server to us here in malaysia.

    If you’re using Firefox, make sure you enable javascript. Try again please.

  3. what a great job u done…i’ve played all team in malaysia league and keep playing it without boring

  4. mslpatcher said:

    It’s nice to know that you are one of FIFA09 gamer love this patch. Thanks man. I hope you will continue to enjoy ‘soon-to-be-release’ version 2 patches which includes Premier League and FA Cup tournament.

  5. Tak sabar nak main patch baru…patch lama mmg best tp takde kelantan…bila boleh siap patch version 2

  6. aviciin said:

    horeey.. thats so great patch.. i like it more..

    can u tell me how to meke a kits.. its good..
    and can u make legue in asia, notably in south asia leagues..

  7. mslpatcher said:

    Well, As you already know, I have to use graphic editor to create all the kits, almost 100%. I heard someone already did Thailand League and Singapore League. Also Billydonk from Indonesia is still actively involved in the Indonesia League projects (refer to I can only hope they can finish it so that we can enjoy their works too.

  8. how can i use malaysian team to play in master league? is it possible?

  9. kijang said:


    amazing work!
    tapi kenapa tiada pasukan KELANTAN dalam patch msl2009-fifa2008?
    Sedih arr 😦
    Kami hanya mampu main fifa 2008..

    harap saudara dapat kemaskini

    terima kasih..

  10. mslpatcher said:

    Master League – is there any in FIFA09. I don’t know how.

  11. mslpatcher said:

    Memang tak de niat nak buat versi baru msl2009 untuk fifa08 punya, leceh nak buat balik.

  12. bila dah siap download,nk open with pa
    tlg jap
    xbleh men pown

  13. mslpatcher said:

    LInk dah putus. Mungkin mediafire delete fail ni sebab lama tak aktif…

  14. sori bro.. tp bole mntak tlg upload blk x? kalau bole convert fifa 11 nye kpd fifa 08 skali lg bgus. tp klau xbole, upload semula pun jadi laa..


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