Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)

Malaysia TM Super League season 2009 patch for FIFA09

Today I’m announcing the first preseason release of Malaysia TM Liga Super patch for FIFA09. I can’t wait for another months until all teams announcing their proper line up. So consider this patch as a pre-season or if you may, a tryout version before January 2009.

Here is the link.
CMP version (requires CM09 readily install)
ZIP (restore backup) version

What is the different?
Zip version let you unzip the files to fifa 09 folder. Then you can start the game. CMP version, on the other hand, require CM09 software which you can downloaded for free from The advantage using CMP over zip version is you can make changes to this patch and the rest of FIFA09.

I do recommend you using CMP version. The ZIP version is good for one reason. You retain my settings.

The downside of using both version is you may not be able to continue you career mode and probably any other save games. If you still want to retain your game, you must backup all your files in FIFA 09 folder in My Documents.

The same is true to all or any other fifa09 team/league/tournament released or to be release.

So this is a must do. To avoid any crash for running your no longer compatible game, please clear all files in my documents\fifa 09 folder. Then you can run CM09 and load the patch or unzip the patch to fifa 09 folder.

Enjoy TM Liga Super 2009 patch. I know I do.


Comments on: "MSL4FIFA09 Pre-season Release" (8)

  1. good patch 4 FIFA09,as i’m the gamers.=)

  2. support our national football team!!

  3. mslpatcher said:

    Thank you pchute. yes we support our national team fully.

  4. anyone can help me? i downloaded the patch n i enjoyed it..but my career is not working..i did copy n backup the file but something wrong with it..any suggestions to help me recover my career? thx..

  5. mslpatcher said:

    Ernie, first sorry for late response.

    There is no easy remedy for your existing career. Howeve you should try using Internal Master 09 (IM09) by Rinaldo. There is a recovery mode, but success may vary.

    Pls be advise, any patch created by fans will make your existing career no longer working. Rinaldo already warn all CM09 user about this. This is because all fans-fifa09-patch will changes the overall database which makes it can’t be recognise by the fifa09 save engine. By using IM09, you can see that for all saving files, be it career or tournament mode, FIFA09 will save the ‘current database’, just like a screenshot, and will compare it with original fifa.db data.

    In simple word, if you intended to play career, don’t import and patch. If you still want to, the best way is to play from the start. If you still insist, you can try IM09. Previous FIFA08, Rinaldo came up with other tools as well, Career Master, but till today, Rinaldo still quite about that.

  6. Hai mlspacther, what nice work you have done.

    After several time, I just found your site. Thanks.

    FYI, for using the patch if loading by CM09 and if wanna still continuing to load our last career is by copying/backup the fifa.db file in our fifa09/database folder, before made any changes in the CM09 backup it first. After do a changes in the CM09 then paste back the fifa.db that we already backup in the fifa/database back.

    That will work and will not interrupt our last careers.

  7. mslpatcher said:

    Thank you LorD96 for the tips. Will it really works with the intended Career?

    For examples, I introduce Liga malaysia into FIFA09, I play for a while and save a career. Then I edit Liga Malaysia like changing position, their name, and attributes and tournament schedules. Also I add new team to the league. In my PC, it will no longer works.

    But if the changes is lite, like changing kits or appearance, then it’s okay, we can continue using the same career file.

    It’s true that we need to do backup, Fifa.db and eng.db files, both is necessary. But once we make changes using CM09 or adding new league or tournament, as far as my experience goes, we can’t. But of course we can finish the MSL career first, then when we changing the tournament or player or team attributes of MSL, then we have to start over.

    Probably what you tips is true for this condition. Assuming you career is English League but your changes is for other league, like MSL. Then probably we still can continue, but I havent’ tested like this before. for Liga Malaysia alone, I already have more than ten career files, every time I make minor adjustment, it will crash. What I did is recover using IM09, and it works. But when the changes is quite heavy like rescheduling tournament, changing players attributes, even IM09 cannot help me, I have to start all over. But that is for the name of testing phase. But maybe the new Manager Master 09 (MM09) can help, I haven’t tested it yet for similar problem.

    Thank you for coming by.
    PS. I visited you blog already. Good luck with the project paper.

  8. Ok, for several times I do the changes the career is no longer can be loaded. Well that might be my mistakes in recovery the late backup of file.db

    For my 1st attempt patching your file (MSL), my career still can be loaded. Then, after I’ve tried patched the AFF Cup’s patch my career is crash. huhu.. even i used IM09 still can’t be recover. 😛

    Anyway, the patch you made up is quite cool..
    well done..

    1 more thing, have any project for the Stadium patch for Malaysian stadiums?

    Well done ones again, and thank you
    keep it up the good work bro 😉

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