Malaysia Football for FIFA Series Games (PC version)


Just want to inform all reader, I think I already achieve 10% of the patch project. Out of 14 teams, I already did Kedah FA and UPB MyTeam jersey or kit, both home and away kit. I use images from the internet as reference. As for Kedah FA, thank you Jebsion for his excellent photography (eventhough he didn’t know me). Also I have a national team. I use a list from and take it from there. Try to beat Chelsea, but yap, still lost.

Here is a few screenshot as a prove the existence of this project. Click the thumbnail to view. msl4fifa09-report5a1


But I need help, really-really need help. I do have a list of players from last season and the latest squads from wikipedia, but I don’t know who play as what. Wikipedia do have a list like DF for defender, etc, but I know that even DF has a few like LWB, RWB etc. So if anyone from all 14 states eligible for season 2009 that knows about their players position, pleas help me by placing a comment with the position of each player. Thanks in advance.


This patch has been release since 16 February 2008.

Download now from other post here.


Comments on: "MSL patch Progress Report (1)" (4)

  1. How To Edit their Home and Away Kits, cuz im newbie , i donno how 2 use Creation Master 09 , Teach Me . I Wanna Create MSL and Malaysia International Team ! tell me how to create a league and the team !

  2. mslpatcher said:

    Sorry I can’t response to you earlier. I’m busy finishing MSL4FIFA09 patch and malaysia national team patch for today release.

    I personally recommend you do the liga primear patch if possible. Malaysia Liga Super or Malaysia super league is done deal. with different patch pack, we can later on cooperate to make a few changes so that those winner in liga premier can promoted to liga super and the last looser of MSL relegated to Liga primear. Wouldn’t that be cool.

    Your problem? Kit making? Do you know how to use photoshop, or paintshop pro or any other vector graphic capable graphics software. If you do, what you have to then is to draw using any picture available on the internet as reference. It is a daunting task, I know. I already did it while creating the msl4fifa09 patch. It’s tiresome.

    Not to mentioned researching for footballer for every team. In MSL patch, I have over 370 players including national team. But in order to do that I have to gather info from wikipedia, and other sources.

    Okay first, download the latest CM09 version. I suggest you download my patch and loaded to you fifa09. From there you can look at it as a reference.

    using CM09 has ease the work a lot. All you have to do :
    1. get ready with the info of the team. team name, player name etc.
    2. Create the GUI part, home/away kit. Logo. usually you can find the logo using google image, resizing it to the required size. But don’t ask me about size, you have to look for it. the easy way is to copy the image from one team as a template. I did just that.
    3. Create the team. In CM09 rel1, we are encourage to follow CM standard (CMS). So if decided to create a team or league with CMS complian in mind, you can create the team by clicking create team button. The rest just follow the list. As I told you, MSL is done deal, so you can start creating Primear League team like kelantan, sarawak etc. CM09 will create 25 players for the team. What you have to do is to beautify your team with logo, banner, kit etc. As for players name, you guess it right, simply click edit. For more info, read help. It’s there for the newbie like you.

    4. In order to enable you team list on the game, you must create a league, or add the team to existing league/tournament. If you only create national team like Thailand, Singapore (I believe some already did this), you can add this team to INTERNATIONAL league so that you can use the team to play.

    So, here there are a few encouragement steps for you to follow. So don’t worry, it’s easy with CM09. The hardest part was creating team with authentics attributes.

    If you simply one to familiarize with CM09, why don’t you create any team, any fake team with fantasy kit and logo. If PES 2009 can sell well with fake players why can’t we. HEHEHEHE.

    Hope to hear your patch coming.

  3. can u did this file for winning eleven 2009 ps3….

  4. mslpatcher said:

    Aboy, that is not possible. First, WE09 is totally different from FIFA09. PS3, you knew that already.

    To elaborate further, you may familiar with PES2009 patch community. As far as I know, we CAN’T add a new league or team, but we CAN only replace a team with user-patch team.

    But with FIFA09, and with helps from a software called Creation Master 09, we can ADD new league, new tournament, or new database with ease.

    So creating NEW things like this patch project for FIFA09 is more fun than just editing and replacing league A or league B in PES2009.

    But, that is my personal opinion.
    FYI, I do small patches for PES2009 but for my own pleasure, and PC only.
    I do not own a PS3 machine, later maybe.

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